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Trojan Eye can offer many solutions for parking issues within the residential sector, We understand how frustrating it must be to arrive home and find you have nowhere to park, or even worse a vehicle is parked in your allocated bay. Trojan Eye understand the main problems that arise with this type of car park facilities which are Unauthorised Parking, Parking in Non-designated Areas, and Residents parking in each other’s parking bays, we have several possible solutions dedicated to solving parking issues for residents.

We will work alongside you and take the necessary steps to make sure that residents understand which bay and location they are allowed to park in.

Prominent signage is installed to clearly identify any Non-Parking Areas and we can also write a welcome letter to your residents explaining the new car parking procedures and include a start date that our patrols and monitoring will begin. After this date we are able to enforce as little as an allocated time within a day or seven days a week, leaving you able to come and go stress-free.

To find out how we can enhance your parking facilities contact us on 0330 0581 914 or email

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