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Trojan Eye understands that parking is often the start and end of the customer’s shopping experience.

We understand that there is nothing more frustrating for customers to arrive to do their shopping and be faced with a car parking issue. Whether this be a congestion issue or motorists abusing parent and child bays, abuse within retail car parks can ultimately affect a shopping experience.

Starting the customer experience in this way impacts negatively on how people perceive the retail outlet and may very well be a reason they go to another location next time, therefore losing business and income.

Trojan Eye parking solutions can be implemented to ensure these issues are eradicated, and therefore improve the parking experience overall. Happy customers equal a happy business!

If people haven’t needed to think about their parking experience, then we consider our job well done. We believe customers should assume that they will find a suitable place to park their car and be on their shopping journey without hassle. Our solutions are designed to make this a reality, leaving customers more time to shop and enjoy the facilities.

In the competitive world of retail, parking is an essential service to get right as a positive parking experience can draw in more customers and have a huge impact on footfall and store takings.

To find out how we can enhance your parking facilities contact us on 0330 0581 914 or email

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