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At Trojan Eye we understand how stressful Car Park Management can be for our clients. Not only do we offer the solutions and services to maintain and monitor your site, we also offer additional services alongside this to give you peace of mind and allow you the time to focus on more important tasks within your business. We can manage your site issues for you with our skilled team and extremely compatible software, ensuring you have as little input as possible.

Dedicated Customer Services Team

We always have a member of our Customer Services Team available to discuss and deal with any issues you may have on site. They will take your call or email and will ensure your issues are resolved in a time effective manner. We also have a helpdesk platform in place to ensure any issues are raised and dealt with, optimising communication between us and our clients so you are kept fully informed with the tasks being carried out on your premesis. A member of our Customer Service team is always on hand to come out and see you face to face, to discuss your parking issues and support you with any queries you may have. All of our client’s will be allocated a personal Customer Accounts Manager, not only are they available to discuss your issues and concerns, but they are also able to provide you with weekly/monthly monitoring and reporting breakdowns of your site to ensure you have full visibility of the solutions in place. We like to think of our clients as friends and pride ourselves on creating long-lasting partnerships with our clients and customers.


We also offer ongoing site maintenance within your car park. Our Maintenance team carry out routine checks along with issues raised by our Patrol officers. Our Maintenance Team will ensure your site is fully compliant and of a high standard, reporting any Health & Safety issues. Our maintenance Team are responsible for keeping the signage on site clear and visible and free from any damage or graffiti. They will also maintain the site itself, ensuring there are no hazards and the site can be accessed easily.

For further information on our services we provide please contact us on  0330 058 1914 or email  if you wish to discuss with us.

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“All of our services and solutions available are created as a bespoke package to our clients. When having early conversations with our client’s we listen to the issues you are having on site and advise which parking solution/solutions may be best suited to you. Some clients may wish to have one solution in place, some clients may wish to have multiple solutions in place, however at all times the client’s needs are always the most important part of our partnership. We like to ensure our clients are aware that solutions are not rigid, and clients can mix and match the solutions to suit their needs”.

“No matter the condition we can enforce it, helping keep your parking facilities clear and increasing business profits. All of our services are bespoke, we can provide any system and cater this to suit your needs”

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