Payment Solutions

Pay and Display machines

Advantages to using Pay & Display:

  • Implementation is cost-effective
  • Simple installation
  • Simple maintenance
  • Income generator
  • User friendly for all ages
  • Available to use 24 hours
  • Reliable throughout poor periods of weather

With a proven track record in implementing Pay and Display systems, we offer immaculate operations, and an all-inclusive service including:

  • Full installation of payment stations and associated project management
  • Carrying out any regular maintenance, cash collection, reconciliation and banking
  • Cashless payment systems (where required), to offer increased flexibility for consumers (Phone based solutions)
  • Necessary enforcement schemes to promote compliance

For further information relating to a Pay & Display solution please contact us on  0330 058 1914 or email  if you wish to discuss with us.

Cashless Payment Systems - JustPark

Parking is going digital – making life easier for both drivers and local authorities. Accepting mobile payments in your car parks really can reduce costs and increase revenue. By offering this option to drivers, you decrease your reliance on physical equipment – meaning less spent on cash collection and machine maintenance.

Most importantly, digital payments offer customers more choice and a dramatically better experience – removing the hassle of coins, improving communication, and allowing for more efficient journeys.

Here at Trojan Eye we understand the importance of making parking on site a stress-free process. Often motorists prefer to pay for their parking using a cashless payment system, inputting their details via an app. Trojan Eye can offer the implementation of the JustPark payment solution on site. This allows payments to be made easier with a few simple steps.

The JustPark payment system offers the following benefits:

  • Eliminates the requirement for change
  • Convenient for customers who wish to pay on the move
  • Allows payment for specified time with option to extend
  • Compliments pay and display schemes
  • Customer friendly and simple to use
  • Reduces cash collection and capital expenditure long term
  • Easily integrates with ANPR technology
  • 7-day UK based dedicated customer support team

For further information relating to the Justpark payment solution please contact us on  0330 058 1914 or email if you wish to discuss with us.

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“All of our services and solutions available are created as a bespoke package to our clients. When having early conversations with our client’s we listen to the issues you are having on site and advise which parking solution/solutions may be best suited to you. Some clients may wish to have one solution in place, some clients may wish to have multiple solutions in place, however at all times the client’s needs are always the most important part of our partnership. We like to ensure our clients are aware that solutions are not rigid, and clients can mix and match the solutions to suit their needs”.

“No matter the condition we can enforce it, helping keep your parking facilities clear and increasing business profits. All of our services are bespoke, we can provide any system and cater this to suit your needs”

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