Patrol Officers

Tact and diplomacy are two very important skills that are required in what can sometimes be a contentious business. Our proficient Patrol Officers are meticulously trained to defuse situations and just as importantly to recognise special needs and circumstances. Our on-site attendants help deliver a variety of roles to benefit the day-to-day operation of your car parks. Patrol Officers work very closely with our team to move forward with developing a smooth running of your car park. Excellent communication skills are always executed by our officers at the forefront of their day to day role.

From directing motorists and maintaining payment machines to supporting Blue Badge holders who have mobility issues, our Officers are more than happy to support the needs of the car park in question. Additionally, they also support, report and attend to the following issues:

  • Customer service representation
  • Enforcement patrols – Obstructive parking, parking on double yellow lines, failing to display a Blue Badge etc.
  • Litter disposal and on-site maintenance

All attendants are well-versed in conflict management, lone working, site health and safety, and first aid, as well as being fully SIA-trained. We also work with various sites who require a combination of car park management solutions, including ANPR and manned attendants.

Our professional officers will always ensure that parking regulations are being followed. Parking Charge Notice’s will be issued when members of the public are not compliant with the information for your site. Not only will our Patrol Officers patrol, protect and peruse your site, they will also be responsible for reporting any issues regarding damage such as defective signs and road markings.

Our Patrol Officers are:

  • Compliant with the BPA code of Practice
  • Specifically trained in conflict management
  • Receive on-going training from our National Trainers
  • Professionally attired with branded uniforms
  • Equipped with the latest technology, including bodycams, to issue Parking Charge Notices with supporting photographic evidence

Our Patrol Officer service provides:

  • Regular patrols of your car parking area
  • Reporting maintenance issues within your carpark
  • A contact on site to speak with face to face to highlight and address any parking issues you may have
  • Necessary signage outlining regulations of your car park
  • Permits created to manage your specific staff, customer or contractor needs

For further information relating to Patrol Officers please contact us on  0330 058 1914 or email to discuss how our Patrol Officer service could benefit you and your business.

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“All of our services and solutions available are created as a bespoke package to our clients. When having early conversations with our client’s we listen to the issues you are having on site and advise which parking solution/solutions may be best suited to you. Some clients may wish to have one solution in place, some clients may wish to have multiple solutions in place, however at all times the client’s needs are always the most important part of our partnership. We like to ensure our clients are aware that solutions are not rigid, and clients can mix and match the solutions to suit their needs”.

“No matter the condition we can enforce it, helping keep your parking facilities clear and increasing business profits. All of our services are bespoke, we can provide any system and cater this to suit your needs”

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